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HighGround Asset Tracking is a powerful fixed asset tracking app designed to make it easy to keep track of computers, furniture, equipment, and any other items of value. Simply add assets, update asset information, and export to your SD card.

Fields Include:

  • Asset ID Description Location
  • User
  • AssetType
  • Status
  • Serial Number Manufacturer Model
  • Cost/Value
  • Custom User Fields And more...

Start using your mobile device now to improve asset visibility and accountability!
HighGround Asset Tracking
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Here are answers to some common questions about HighGround Asset Tracking:

Who is this app for?
HighGround Asset Tracking is designed for anyone or any organization looking to keep track of their fixed assets. Common reasons are for insurance purposes or to meet regulatory requirements. Common users include churches, schools, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

How many assets can I track?
As many as you want. The typical user will track anywhere from several dozen to several thousand assets.

What’s the minimum amount of information required for each asset?
The minimum information required when adding a new asset is a unique asset ID, and a location.

Do I need to put barcode labels on my assets?
Although not required, putting barcode labels on your assets is highly recommended as it will show ownership, speed up the process, and reduce error.

Where can I get barcode labels?
Although you don’t have to tag your assets, it is recommended. You can purchase pre-printed asset tags from many sources online or print your own. Avery Avery® White Permanent Durable ID Labels for Laser Printers (Product Number 6576) work well.

What numbering system should I use on my barcodes?
You can use any numbering system you want, as long as each asset ID is unique. We recommend not using leading zeros (i.e. 0001) as leading zeros tend to get dropped in Excel spreadsheets.

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